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September 24, 2021

Cix Health Printable Cold Weather Checklist

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Start preparing for the upcoming cold weather with the Cix Health Cold Weather Checklist

Winter has a way of sneaking upon us. Without the proper preparation during these cold temperatures, your health can suffer. Start preparing for the upcoming winter with these cold-weather preparation tasks.

Get your Flu Shot 

According to the CDC, “A 2021 study showed that among adults, flu vaccination was associated with a 26% lower risk of ICU admission.” You can find your local vaccination center in the Cix Health app.

Avoid Seasonal Depression

If you know that you are prone to seasonal depression, check in with your doctor or psychologist to prepare for the months ahead. Check-in with your friends and family – seasonal depression is better fought with help from others!

Prep Your Home for Cold Weather

Create a clean and safe space in your home for the upcoming months when you spend most of your time indoors. Start changing air filters, sweep any dust, vacuum, check your carbon monoxide detector, test your heating system, and inspect the chimney.

Test Humidifiers and Personal Inhalers (if needed)

With cold weather comes less humidity. The cold weather can be dangerous for those with asthma and other breathing problems. Check your humidifiers and personal inhalers to ensure they are ready to combat the dry weather ahead.

Exercising Indoors

According to AccuWeather, “Air pollution in winter remains in place for much longer and therefore is breathed in at a higher rate than during the summer.” Avoid bad air quality and dry weather by exercising indoors or taking walks in the morning.

Increase Vegetable and Fruit Intake

It’s easy to let go of our healthy habits during the winter with the holidays. Remember to add some veggies and fruits to your meals to boost your metabolism and stay fit.

Take Multi-Vitamins

With less daily sunshine in the wintertime, your body might be craving some vitamin d. Ask your doctor what multi-vitamins might benefit you this winter and track your intake in the Cix Health app.

Stay Hydrated 

The importance of staying hydrated is not only for the summer. Our bodies sweat all year round. Drink water before and after activities to keep your body healthy and moving.

Proactive Doctor Check-ins

Avoid high-risk health issues like pneumonia during the winter by visiting your doctor as symptoms come up. Having a consistent cough or sore throat is a sign you need to head to your doctor to ensure you avoid any costly illnesses.

Create a Regular Sleep Schedule 

Having a regular sleep schedule is essential in the summer and wintertime. Although, during the winter, when there is less sunlight, our bodies might feel tired more easily. Create a regular schedule to combat tiredness and while also avoiding being unproductive with your day.

With the Cix Health App, we strive to assist our users in taking control of their health. Print out this Cold Weather Checklist by opening the PDF below to beat the upcoming cold weather!

Cix Health Cold Weather Checklist

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