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November 10, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Cix Health’s Diabetes Care Program

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Learn more about Cix Health’s newest feature

Introducing…  Cix Health’s most significant launch yet, the Cix Health Diabetes Care Program. Our team saw a need from our users to help track and manage their Diabetes condition. With this new feature, our users have the option to explore their A1C and blood glucose results and see their progress in real-time, along with the ability to set daily reminders and add notes from your care provider. Read on to learn more about what this new Cix Health Care Program can do for you.

Reach Your Health Goals

A1C tracking for diabetes chart in the Cix health app

Managing Diabetes can be overwhelming, and you might feel like you’re not making progress in reaching your health goals. In the Cix Health Diabetes Care Program, you can set goals and watch your wins in real-time with our time in the target chart. Start tracking essential stats like A1C and blood glucose with the option of sharing your results with your doctor.

Track Your Progress

Goal tracking in the Diabetes Care program screen shot

Choose what goals are important to you with the Diabetes Care Program’s customized goal setting. Choose from tracking your water and medicine intake, weight, blood glucose, blood pressure, or A1C you’re in charge of your health plan. Choose every single category or just one!

Customized Articles

customized and curated articles in diabetes care program

View curated and customized articled based on your condition. With the ability to favorite and save articles for later, you’re in control of your health and have the option to learn more from other educational sources.

Daily Check-Ins

Example notification in Diabetes Care Program

You’re not alone in your journey with Diabetes. With the option for daily check-ins from Cix Health, you won’t miss a beat when managing your condition. Set up reminders for blood glucose and daily water intake!

Whether you’re tracking your blood glucose or water intake, you’re not alone in managing your Diabetes. We’re here to assist you with the new Cix Health Diabetes Care Program on your health journey. Download the Cix Health app today to start taking control of your health and better managing your Diabetes.

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