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September 3, 2021

How Companies Can Avoid Employee Burnout While Working From Home

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Follow these tips to avoid burnout while your company is working remotely

Working from home has become a regular aspect of most people’s everyday life. It can feel like a bittersweet feeling for most of us. The convenience of rolling out of bed in our pajamas to our work computer is a plus. Although, some of us do miss the face-to-face interaction of our coworkers and are starting to feel the separation of work and home slowly fade away. As working from home becomes more normalized, many companies think, “how do we avoid employee burnout?” Read on to learn tips on how to avoid burnout while working remotely.

Be Proactive

Being one step ahead of employee burnout is the best way to avoid it together. Proactive measures are crucial to setting your employees up for success mentally and physically. Start by creating a go-to resource page for employees to utilize. This page can include mental health resources and health tips on staying active.

Create a Discussion

No one knows more about what your employees need more than your employees. Ask them what they need to create a healthy work environment. Create regular 1:1’s with each person on your team and take the temperature on how they’re feeling with their workload. Take these suggestions and start adding them to your new work-from-home culture.

Encourage a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Working from home can contribute to a very unhealthy work-life balance for employees. Without the physical separation of workspace from home space, it can be difficult for employees to sign off at the end of the day entirely. Encourage your employees to take time for themselves. This can include extra vacation time, required days off, and creating more flexible hours based on an employee’s lifestyle.

Eliminate Roadblocks

Your employees’ daily resources and technology in the office can differ from what works for them at home. Take a survey within your team to ensure they have all the tools and technology they need to succeed in their position.

Create Clear Expectations

Without the constant face-to-face time employees are used to in the office, expectations for tasks can be blurred. Create clear and manageable expectations for your team. Work can seem less intimidating when it’s engaging and structured. Giving your employees time manageable tasks with transparent goals will set them down the right path to working productively.

Implementing these above tips is just starting to create a positive and healthy environment for yourself and your employees. At the forefront of an employee, burnout is general mental and physical health. With the help of the Cix Health app, your company can help you take control of your health care costs while also improving employee health. With daily health check-ins, your employees will be able to manage any mental or physical health issues at their fingertips.

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