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Take control of your health management.

No more piecing together information from different places and providers. Cix Health is a central hub to manage care for yourself and your family.

Let Cix Health be your guide.

With our innovative app, we’re working to solve the personal and complex problem of managing health care information safely and responsibly.

Create personal health profiles for you and your family

Upload and store health data, Insurance details, prescriptions, and more.

Coordinate with caregivers and treatment providers to organize your care.

Stay on track with reminders for medicines and refills.

What people are saying about Cix Health

You can add your own doctors and you can add your own information. It's not designed for one specific hospital or care provider. You have your profile and your family members when you're caring for someone like I am for my mom.

I definitely liked the ability to connect caregivers, pharmacy, and physicians in one place. We do have this information in different systems. To bring this in one place makes sense to me.

I like it, I really feel like it keeps everything organized. Especially if you’re on the road and you’re doing stuff in the day as a mom. It’s a great managerial tool.

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