Managing your health can be a challenge, but the right tools can make a difference.

With the Cix Health app, you’ll be able to manage health more effectively for you and your loved ones.

Upload your recent medical history, add your preferred physicians, pharmacy, and insurance information.

Create a custom profile for each of your loved ones to manage each person’s unique needs.

Securely share your medical details in real-time within the app.

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Safe and secure

Your health information is extremely important to us. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond with our security measures.

Each piece of your data is fully encrypted and stored safely. The Cix Health app is fully compliant with HIPAA standards so you can rest assured that your data is secure.

We’ll never sell your data to advertisers, compromise your information, or bombard you with ads. Your health is our only priority.

Stay up to date

Keep track of the important information for each of your loved ones all in one place.

Easily toggle between profiles to add new medications or notes from a recent appointment.

Each time you make an update, the information will be captured and shared through an Activity Feed that updates automatically and securely, making it easy for everyone to stay connected and well informed.

Manage your medicines

Keeping medicines organized can be a challenge, especially when managing chronic conditions. We understand how complex and variable your medicine schedule can be. With the Cix Health app, you have a robust tool that takes the guesswork out of medicine management.

Get custom reminders
Set medicine reminders so you never forget a dose

View interactions and side effects
We’ll notify you about potential interactions between your meds

Track your progress
Stay motivated and on track with your medicines

Prepare and Heal Faster from Surgery

Remembering instructions like taking new medicines, moving around, and caring for an incision is not easy after surgery–especially when you’re managing pain. So, we built a tool to help keep track of treatment and recovery after surgery. As a plus, you have the ability to share recovery updates with your family and provider.

Prepare for your surgery
Add appointments, schedule prep tasks, and store important details

Manage your recovery at home
Our daily check-ins and reminders will help you stay on top of your care

Track and monitor your progress
See how your pain levels, symptoms, and incision health are trending

Your journey to better health management starts here.

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